Pirates of the Caribbean Picnic
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OVERVIEW: The balmy breezes blow, island rhythms are in the air, and your guests arrive in tropical vacation clothes ready for great food and fun. The ambiance of the event is swashbuckling, hearty good fun. The theme is carried out in decor, meet and greet characters, children's entertainment, adult activities, and music. Your guests may be given leis upon arrival to create a festive mood. This theme provides a variety of entertainment, exciting activities for both adults and kids. Designed to minimize crowding of any one area and to maximize mixing and mingling among the guests. To tie all this together we have a variety of strolling pirate entertainers--so yo ho ho! Enjoy reading about some of the swashbuckling entertainment offered by our company....


Swashbuckling Pirate Trio: Featuring Big Mama Sue as Zelda, Queen of the Pirates. To set the mood, they will play Sea Chanties, Reels and Jigs. They will stroll throughout the crowd and are sure to get smiles from all. Fun for all age groups and a great way to tie your event together!

Caribbean Steel Drum Band: Provide the wonderful rhythmic sound of the islands. Your guests will not be able to sit still with this percussive irresistible band going full tilt. The come attired in bright tropical shirts and fun personalities. A great feel for you event.

Strolling Entertainment.....

Captain Byrde and his Amazing Macaws: He gets everyone in the party mood, greeting guests with his piratical banter, and the wonderful tricks of his trained Macaws. Captain Byrde defies description, except to note that no one will soon forget his performance. He's so colorful, your guests will love being photographed with him. Ahrrrrr, Matey!

Olga the Pirate Queen: Now this woman is truly magnificent! Towering over 10 feet tall, costumed in bright turquoise pants, a ruffled pirate shirt and a wonderful feathered pirate hat. She mixes and mingles with your guests and promises to be the hit of the afternoon. Not only is she beautiful to look at and very competent on her stilts, but her personality bubbles and her patter is friendly and fun. An absolute must!

Our pirate clowns Jolly Roger and Blue beard: do a program of balloon sculptures and group games with the children that are guaranteed to be just for fun, not competitive. The grand finale of the game playing is... The Treasure Hunt: Complete with a map, clues, supervision, and great theatrics, this treasure hunt is a big production, and takes the kids all over the park in quest of the loot. At the end of the trail there is a bag of prizes to be shared, with plenty for all. The pirate package includes balloons, games, treasure hunt and prizes.

Fixed Attractions.....

Face Painting: All the little buccaneers will want to be pirate queens or sea captains, but just in case they don't, we'll offer spider man, clown faces, flowers & butterflies, etc. Your adult guests may also wish to have their faces painted-our artists are truly exceptional!

The Caribbean Craft Program: Our professional art instructors come prepared to teach a variety of crafts. We teach crafts like painted tropical fish from the Caribbean, fantasy masks, and puzzle piece frames. Teenagers like this too! Fee includes all equipment, supplies, instructors, and supervision.

A Uniformed Referee with Games Program for Adults: Our referee will run the teams through a series of wild relay games...... This is a fun and active way to promote team spirit with everyone working together and having fun at the same time. Even the most dedicated couch potato will have a good time watching, if not participating. One and a half hour program led by our expert games coordinator. The games incorporate both traditional relays and other wacky additions. Your guests will be talking about this for a long time.

The Pirate's Magic Show: A show for all ages --- our magician and his assistant dressed in pirate attire, will do amazing illusions--among them: the guillotine, sword basket, sawing in half and more. These two wonderful performers are great with the kids involving them in the action. The show lasts approximately one half hour.

Caricaturist: Our artist will create souvenir cartoons for your guests. This unique form of entertainment is a great icebreaker and provides a lasting souvenir of your event. Artists can handle approximately 15 sketches per hour.

The Caribbean Casino: A casino complete with craps, roulette and blackjack tables. The games run for three and a half hours. Fee includes dealers, pit boss, equipment, chips, and starting tokens. This is a great way to raffle off door prizes. When the chips are cashed in, we will give one raffle ticket per $100 of winnings.