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OVERVIEW: We will create the nostalgic feeling of an Old Fashioned Carnival. Your guests will spot your picnic from far away as they are greeted with a huge colorful balloon arch and the festive feel of colorful balloons clustered around the grounds. Entertainment of carnival games, circus clowns, a brass band, and carnival food sets the stage for an exciting afternoon of family fun. The entire area is alive with color and entertainment. A combination of strolling entertainment, gaming entertainment and fixed attractions. Good old fashioned fun for the entire family. Have fun browsing!


Brass Circus Band: This five piece strolling band will play all the Barnum & Bailey favorites with a little Dixieland thrown in for good measure. Attired in bright vests and hats, strolling around your carnival grounds entertaining everyone they greet. A great sound, and a great addition to the festive atmosphere.

Strolling Entertainment.....

Clowns, Clowns, Clowns: These zany guys and gals do a combination of balloon sculptures, strolling comedy magic, group games, an informal lawn show or a treasure hunt. Everybody loves a clown and a carnival just would not be complete without them.

Walk Around Magic: Our magician will baffle and amaze your guests with his walk around wizardry. He interacts closely with your guests, performing sleight of hand and other close up magic. His wit and skill will keep everyone awed and amazed.

Mime: Everyone is fascinated with mimes. Painted face and wonderful, this performer is truly incredible. Fun, frolicking entertainment, perky communication without a sound...perfect as a strolling entertainer at your event.

All American Stilt Walker: This entertainer looms high above heads adding an amazing sight to your event. Gentle with the kids and entertaining to the adults. A sure hit!

Fixed Attractions.....

The Carnival Midway: A carnival midway with games of skill and chance for children of all ages. We propose four booths: one instant win booth for the toddlers, and three games requiring varying degrees of skill for the older kids, teens, and adults. Booths will be staffed by our zany carnie operators. This package includes carnival prizes so everyone is a winner!

Puppet Theatre: An action packed puppet show with lots of audience participation. The kids will be captivated by all the wonderful characters and their silly stunts. The show is complete with it's own unique set and sound system. You choose between two old time favorites - "Jack and the Beanstalk" presented by a troupe of bears OR "The Three Little Pigs". Each show runs about 30-40 minutes and are hosted by Snap the little smoke breathing dragon.

Face Painting: A colorful booth fully staffed with gaily dressed artists and all supplies. We'll do clown faces, lions and tigers, and other circus characters, as well as the usual array of ninja turtles, batmen etc. Each face painter can paint approximately 15 faces per hour.

The High Striker with Clown Barker: Yes indeed, that fun game with the big mallet....And to make the game even more fun we will hire an energetic, fun clown to run it for two hours.

The Ring Master's Magic Show: This is a show for all ages--our magician and his assistant dressed in appropriate circus attire, will do amazing illusions--among them: the guillotine, sword basket, sawing in half and more. Show lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Caricaturist: Our artist will draw souvenir cartoons for your guests. This unique form of entertainment is a great icebreaker and provides a lasting souvenir of your event. Artists can handle approximately 15 sketches per hour.

Creative Crafts: Lets get those creative juices flowing. We will set up a full arts and crafts station for the children at your event. Our professional art instructors will help the kids make crafts like puzzle piece frames, masks, and painted animals. Multiple craft projects will be done within the time frame, allowing children to participate in more than one craft.