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Trevenger Hunt

what's new || team-building

a Trevenger Hunt is a combination Scavenger Hunt and Treasure Hunt

This is an excerpt from the hunt description:
Each team will be provided with a map of the hunt area, a list of seven clues, and a list of scavenger items (including photographs). The seven clues will all be solution-based, and will lead the teams to a location where they will find a letter of the alphabet waiting for them in envelopes. In other words, to receive a letter a team must solve a riddle, puzzle, or brain teaser to disclose the location of these letters (which will ultimately spell out a message). When one of the clues has been solved, the team will progress to the location to hunt for a manila envelope that has [your logo] on it, and pick up the letter. These letters will spell out a simple word that is the "message." When this message is complete, the team has completed the clues portion of the hunt. Along the way, teams will also scavenge randomly for items that will enhance the overall hunt point total.