Adult Holiday Entertainment

It's Christmas time and you and yours are ready to celebrate in full force. Below you will find some entertainment and decor suggestions for your party. This list is simply designed to get the ideas flowing. The sky is the limit and Red Hot Mama Productions can help you obtain the exact atmosphere you are looking for.

Musical Entertainment

The Elf Trio

Our three wonderful musician elves will entertain guests with all the fun up beat pop holiday tunes like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, etc. and a variety of jazz standards. Great at the beginning of party, during the cocktail hour to set the theme.


Dressed in Dickinson costumes, this quartet will sing all of the traditional favorites in four part harmony. They may be stationed at the entry way or used as a strolling act. A wonderful way to set the theme of your party.

Jazz Trio

They will play elegant dinner jazz. The trio is attired in elegant dinner dress/tuxedos and can follow you from cocktails through dinner. Two hours includes all costuming and small sound system if necessary.

A Baroque Stringed Quartet

To play selected seasonal classics, Bach and Mozart. Attired in formal concert black and whit, they would be seated at the entry or on the stage creating an elegant but festive first impression.

A Classical Saxophone Quartet

The saxophones have the advantage of being a little brighter in sound than the strings (also a little louder) without being quite as imposing as a brass ensemble. Musicians dress in tuxedos and play seated with music stands.

Laser Karaoke and DJ

A wonderful way to combine a lot of entertainment, music and dancing into one activity. Our DJ comes with a full Laser Karaoke set-up and the personality to make it work wonderfully for an event.

Disc Jockey

A wonderful entertainer with lots of energy to play all the current dance hits. We'll send you a worksheet to help direct our DJ in the desired play list and style of performance.


The Mama Claus Custom Scripted Comedy Show

The perfect highlight of the event, this show works best for company parties, or groups that know each other well. The show consists of songs, one-liners, a silly skit, and a contest--all custom scripted with in-jokes and names of guests as part of the show. The highly interactive show ends with a brief sing-along of holiday favorites. Approximately 30-40 minutes. Recommended for adults parties, however they will work with you to make this as sedate or rowdy as the group warrants. They have been doing this sort of show for years, and have great success at matching the content and context to meet each individual clients needs and style.

The Bubble Man

Amazing "real magic" by The Bubble Man. He has taken a child's toy and a child like sense of wonder and combined it with the reasoning, wit, and physical skill of an adult. The result is one of the most unique acts in show business - Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic. Show lasts 15 -20 minutes.

Ranka's Review

An action packed marionette show like never before. Fun for adults. This show is very difficult to describe...so if you are interested, please request the video. The show lasts approximately 1/2 hour.

Ace Miles with Dudley the Rabbit

This high energy show combines comedy, ventriloquism, magic and even some juggling to delight your guests. Dudley the Rabbit is an outrageous character who is constantly playing tricks on Ace, and yes sometimes even on an audience member or two. A perfect show for after dinner. 1/2 hour to 40 minutes long.

The Sandman

The Sandman makes all your dreams happy. Our wonderful hypnotist has developed a show that enthralls audiences. He will get volunteers from the audience, hypnotize than and make a show of it. This is a wonderful audience pleaser (for those still awake!). The show lasts one hour.

Mr. Miraculous

A world class juggler, master magician and accomplished pianist or just the life of the party...call Ken Martin any of these names...they are all a perfect fit. For years, Mr. Miraculous has amazed audiences around the world with his immeasurable skills. During his stage show, Ken utilizes a potpourri of dexterous stunts which leaves the audience wondering if there is any end to his talents. Ken has performed in just about any venue imaginable - ski resorts, casinos, amusement parks, stage shows, corporate events, trade shows, television and festivals. He is able to perform his act to music, in Japanese, Spanish, and yes, even English. Show lasts approximately 1/2 hour.

D.W. Wilson

This show includes lots of audience participation, amazing magic, astounding illusions, the wondrous wrist chopper. From India, the sword basket illusion and the worlds famous illusion sawing a lady in half performed with a power saw on Colleen, Dave's assistant, or a member of the audience. The show concludes with an amazing escape from a straight jacket, made famous by Houdini! The show lasts approximately 35 minutes.

Strolling Variety Entertainers


Our Santa has a wonderful costume, and a great personality--he is a clown in real life, and so he is used to interacting with all types of people. Santa will visit with everyone, pass out gifts....or whatever else you would like him to do. He interacts as well with adults as well as with kids.

Balloon Elf

Yhis lively gnome will enchant small groups as he strolls around the room doing balloon sculptures for your guests.


Always appropriate entertainment regardless of the season, this wizard of mysteries will delight small groups with his wide variety of tricks and funny comments.

The Snow Queen

This beautiful woman is one of the best entertainers we have ever worked with. She is charming, witty and elegant. Her fee reflects her unique skill at making each guest feel wonderfully welcomed. and ready for a party.

Christmas Tree

A beautiful costume with lights and decorations, our tree will mime greetings to your guests while swaying to the music.

Toy Soldier Mime

A classic mime and lots of fun interaction with your guests. He has a wonderful costume in the true sense of Christmas.

Souvenir Digital Photos

You get three times your investment for this program: 1. you get a wonderful decor set-up. 2. you get a very entertaining experience for your guests 3. you get a wonderful keepsake with your special message imprinted. Our package includes the following elaborate photo stage area:

Edwardian Sleigh

The real thing! with a Currier and Ives style backdrop and evergreen trees with snow in the foreground. Guests pose in the sleigh with periods hats and props.

Our package includes camera, photographer, all supplies, an assistant, all sets and props, delivery and installation, and 5x7 full color digital photos. We can shoot approximately 40-45 photos an hour.

Decor Options


Eye catching centerpieces to enhance the elegant look of Christmas. These incorporate flowers and other Holiday flare. Let us know your budget and we'll create centerpieces designed especially for you.

Stage and Room Decor

Here the sky is truly the limit. Let us know your budget and we'll propose a package.